More About “Building Personal Presence”

More About “Building Personal Presence”

A Training with Mark Power

My commitment in this training is to help you master the Four Core Strengths of Presence.

Presence is the state of integrated awareness where your physical, mental, and emotional potential align with your vision and purpose. Training in targeted mindfulness builds your capacity to choose your actions based on values, rather than default to self-sabotaging habits. Presence is emotionally intelligent—it makes you more engaged and effective, and empowers you to achieve your true goals.

Targeted mindfulness is the foundation of our work in Personal Presence. With targeted mindfulness you can reduce stress, increase mental clarity, spark your creativity, and grow in empathy. By practicing targeted mindfulness, people discover the power to create harmony in their interpersonal relationships, through clearer communication, empathetic feedback, and effective conflict management.

In this training you will . . .

  1. Build Your Physical Presence

    You learn postural exercises that help you stay grounded and resourceful during conflict and to increase your courage, confidence, and Presence.

  2. Extend Your Emotional Presence

    You learn to quickly identify emotional reactivity and triggers, recognizing when your emotion is beginning to control the conversation. This set of practices enables you to shift from reaction to pause and make conscious choices aligned with your values and goals.

  3. Increase Your Presence of Mind

    You learn how to defuse, reframe, and avoid the limiting narratives and faulty subjective interpretations that lead to problems between individuals and trouble in teams.

  4. Awaken Your Presence in Relationship

    You learn to identify styles of reaction in relationships that lead to miscommunication and conflict. You learn practices for shifting from reactivity to pause, observe, and reflect, leading to actions and communication aligned with your values and purpose.

Your Personal Metaphor

In addition to learning the Four Core Strengths of Presence, you are guided in the Creative Integration of Metaphor—a symbol of the imagined future. Utilizing images and compelling language, we craft a vision and statement of purpose. Metaphor has a powerful creative ability to bring alive the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your experience through the use of an image that communicates specific qualities of your values and goals.

The Building Personal Presence training is collaborative, allowing individuals to personalize the exercises for greatest relevance and effectiveness in relation to their needs.

Powerful Results

When you incorporate targeted mindfulness practices into your everyday life and work, you begin to focus on what matters, manage stress skillfully, think more creatively and increase your effectiveness in everything you do. Your overall sense of well-being and interpersonal/team relations dramatically improves. With these improvements come measurable results that naturally emerge as a result of your genuine engagement.