“Building Personal Presence” Training

Building Personal Presence

A Training with Mark Power

With over thirty years of experience guiding people through some of life’s most difficult transitions, I understand the variety of challenges we face moving through every phase of our lives and our work.

If you aspire to live a life aligned with purpose you need to be able to . . .
  • Envision possibility
  • Motivate engagement
  • Build skills
  • Assess progress
  • Welcome feedback
  • Address conflict
  • Identify opportunities
  • Be accountable

Together we work to strengthen your personal presence and increase your capacity to do all of the above with energy and integrity.

What Is Personal Presence and Capacity?

Personal Presence is the ability to be fully present with the issues and relationships of the moment. It is an experience of self-awareness, courage, and alignment with your vision and purpose.

Personal Capacity is the power to recognize when Presence is lost, and the ability to quickly regain it.

How We Get You There

  • We ensure that our coaching work is in direct alignment with your unique life purpose.
  • Together we develop your personal presence with methods that heighten and sharpen your physical, mental, and emotional awareness.
  • We develop your unique aspirational vision through a process of reflection and values alignment that helps you arrive at a guiding symbol or metaphor.
  • You’ll be encouraged to experiment with inspiring new paradigms, using your own presence practices and values-based behaviors that we develop together.
  • We’ll develop a follow-through plan designed to get you the tangible results you’re aiming for.
  • Through an integrative process of review, assessment, and practice commitments, you’ll cultivate growth and confidence in your personal presence and capacity.
  • You’ll be generating new insight into barriers and limiting habits through guided reflection, facilitated inquiry, targeted mindfulness practices, and creative integration of metaphor.

What We Can Do Together

  • Grow Your Self Awareness & Personal Effectiveness — by learning present moment practices you can apply to any physical, mental or emotional experience.
    • – You’ll engage targeted mindfulness as a remedy for stress and depletion
    • – You’ll use the physical experience of stress as a first step in releasing stress and re-centering yourself with purposeful action
  • Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence — bringing present moment awareness to emotional reactivity so that you realign your actions with values and purpose.
  • Develop Your Personal Presence — by identifying and building on key behaviors that foster personal integrity and move you toward more constructive engagement with others.
    • – You’ll learn how to apply these behaviors to any physical, mental or emotional experience, in the moment
    • – You’ll strengthen your personal vision while delineating how to achieve your goals
  • Grow Through Your Barriers— identify limiting habits and behaviors by bringing targeted mindfulness to any experience of misalignment with your values and purpose.

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