Mark Power Personal and Executive CoachPersonal Coaching

Getting started – free consult (30 min). If you’re curious about the benefits of coaching services consider scheduling an initial consult at no charge. We’ll start with any questions you have and goals you’re considering. I can describe what coaching is, and is not (for instance, it’s not psychotherapy), and the milestones of the coaching engagement to give you a general sense of what to expect. In our consult I’ll ask you about how your life is now and changes you want to make and we’ll explore some of the resources that will support that change through the course of the engagement. My goal for this consult is to give you a realistic sense of how coaching can benefit you now and in the future. Please visit Contact to schedule a consultation.

Short-term coaching engagement – Following our initial consult we may decide that the issue you want to address is short term and specific. A brief focused coaching partnership could hasten the clarity and energy you need to get underway. Perhaps you’ve been going round and round about a decision you need to make…Or, maybe an aging parent is entering a new and more dependent chapter in their life and you’re at a loss… Shorter coaching engagements focus on goal completion and decision making. Three or four weekly 60-90 minute sessions. Visit Contact to schedule a consultation.

Comprehensive coaching engagement – If you’re considering an important change in your life: starting a new career; injecting greater creativity and focus into your retirement; or, redefining what’s meaningful in a new life chapter, a comprehensive coaching engagement will best support the work. Meeting twice a month for 4 to 6 months (8-12 sessions) gives us time to first examine what’s true for your life in the present and catalyze an inspired vision of your future. I’ll support you in sharpening your focus, provide you with resources as we examine strengths and barriers, and (gently) help you to remain accountable to your commitments. Together we’ll create a plan defining milestones of success and build habits that support lasting change. Eight to twelve 90 minute biweekly sessions. To schedule a consultation please visit Contact.

Mark Power, Personal and Professional/Executive CoachProfessional/Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching emphasizes emotional intelligence (EQ) as well as technical skill in defining your strengths as a leader of others. You know you can work smart, but does your leadership inspire loyalty (quite different from compliance)? You’re getting the job done, but do your direct reports feel empowered? Would they use the words “honesty”, “creativity”, and “independence” to describe qualities you expect of them? Does it matter? If not, are you curious about that? How do you define success for yourself and for those with whom you work? Entering an executive coaching engagement with me assumes that these things are important to you and that they play a direct role in your satisfaction and success. Please visit Contact to schedule a consultation.

Executive Coaching Engagement – Are you looking to make a move to the next level of challenge/leadership in your organization? Feeling stuck, as though your career is on hold? An executive coaching engagement can help you get your game back. Meeting twice monthly in 90 minute sessions over 4 to 6 months (8-12 sessions), we’ll examine present issues, clarify an inspired vision of the future, build commitment, and develop actions and behaviors congruent with success. We’ll examine strengths and barriers, develop a plan for achieving established goals, track progress, adjust our focus as needed, and stay accountable. Visit Contact to schedule a consultation.

Executive coaching – Spot Coaching Engagement – A short term or Spot Coaching engagement provides focused attention to a pressing issue of a short term and specific nature. Using inquiry and reflection we will identify the limiting issue and the resources to help you move forward. Our work moves quickly into goal completion in contrast to a comprehensive coaching engagement. Spot Coaching is one 90-minute to 2 hour session. A short-term engagement would typically consist of three or four weekly 60-90 minutes sessions. To schedule a consultation please visit Contact.