I provide personal and executive coaching services and lead personal transformation workshops for groups based on mindfulness and awareness.

Getting Started

Receive an initial 30-minute consultation at no charge. We’ll start with any questions you have, and goals you’re considering. I can describe what coaching is and the milestones of the coaching engagement. My goal is to give you a realistic sense of how coaching can benefit you, now and in the future.

Personal Coaching

If the issue you want to address is short term and specific, a brief, focused coaching partnership could provide the clarity and energy you need to get underway. These shorter coaching engagements focus on goal completion and decision-making.

3–4 weekly sessions (60–90 min)


If you’re considering an important change in your life—starting a new career, injecting greater creativity and focus into your life, or redefining what’s meaningful in a new chapter, a comprehensive coaching engagement will best support the work.

8–12 sessions twice monthly (90 min)

Professional/Executive Coaching

Does your leadership nourish a sense of loyalty and inspiration among the people you work with? Executive coaching emphasizes emotional intelligence (EQ) as well as the technical skills that define your strengths as a leader.

Executive Coaching

Do you want to make a move to the next level of leadership, but are feeling stuck? An executive coaching engagement can help you get your game back. We’ll examine present issues, define a vision of the future, and develop actions congruent with success.

8–12 sessions twice monthly (90 min)

Executive Spot Coaching

A short-term engagement provides focused attention on a pressing issue of a specific nature. We’ll identify the limiting issue and the resources to help you move forward quickly to goal completion.

single session or 3–4 weekly sessions (60–90 min)