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The coaching partnership awakens your insight and allows you to understand what’s holding you back from achieving what you want in life. Coaching provides you with valuable support and accountability on your quest. Even a brief engagement can give you the tools to move forward into a new, creative chapter of your life.

If you have questions or would like to set up a free 30-minute consultation, please contact me.

Here’s what I can help you with:
  • Transitioning careers—identifying your focus and guiding you toward that goal.
  • Rebuilding your life after a loss—exploring who you are after a significant change in your life.
  • Uncovering possibilities—recovering your curiosity and experimenting with new opportunities.
  • Discovering motivation—breaking the habits that limit you and replacing them with positive ones.

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I provide personal and executive coaching services and lead personal transformation workshops for groups based on mindfulness and awareness.

Getting Started

Receive an initial 30-minute consultation at no charge. We’ll start with any questions you have, and goals you’re considering. I can describe what coaching is and the milestones of the coaching engagement. My goal is to give you a realistic sense of how coaching can benefit you, now and in the future.

Personal Coaching

If the issue you want to address is short term and specific, a brief, focused coaching partnership could provide the clarity and energy you need to get underway. These shorter coaching engagements focus on goal completion and decision-making.

3–4 weekly sessions (60–90 min)


If you’re considering an important change in your life—starting a new career, injecting greater creativity and focus into your life, or redefining what’s meaningful in a new chapter, a comprehensive coaching engagement will best support the work.

8–12 sessions twice monthly (90 min)

Professional/Executive Coaching

Does your leadership nourish a sense of loyalty and inspiration among the people you work with? Executive coaching emphasizes emotional intelligence (EQ) as well as the technical skills that define your strengths as a leader.

Executive Coaching

Do you want to make a move to the next level of leadership, but are feeling stuck? An executive coaching engagement can help you get your game back. We’ll examine present issues, define a vision of the future, and develop actions congruent with success.

8–12 sessions twice monthly (90 min)

Executive Spot Coaching

A short-term engagement provides focused attention on a pressing issue of a specific nature. We’ll identify the limiting issue and the resources to help you move forward quickly to goal completion.

single session or 3–4 weekly sessions (60–90 min)

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My Approach

I start the coaching partnership with exercises that facilitate self-reflection. This allows you to uncover what you wish to accomplish and what is currently interfering with that goal. Next, we’ll begin the process of discovering what is important to you and what you will fulfill in doing the work.

My sessions are conducted via phone or remotely. I’ll work with your schedule to make our meetings convenient and private.

About Me

I am a Hudson Institute Certified Life and Executive Coach with a background in Buddhist contemplative training and teaching. As a professional chaplain, I previously worked in hospitals and palliative care settings. I have also served in nonprofit executive and board leadership roles. Now I coach individuals and teams as they design new directions, develop collaborative strengths, and renew purpose in their lives and work.

As co-founder of Awareness Enabled Life Positioning in Shenzhen, China, I offer training in mindful awareness, altruism, and leadership practices for businesses; and am adjunct faculty at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, where I instruct MBA students in “Mindful Awareness for the Business Leader.” I also lead workshops internationally on personal transformation.

An area of growing interest for me is the field of sustainability—training in communication and leadership for the challenges ahead.


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