Why Coaching?Mark Power Coaching, Personal and Professional/Executive Coaching

Struggling with indecision in your personal life? Going through a major transition? Are you an executive committed to making lasting changes that will benefit your career? Visit Services for information on coaching and Contact to schedule a consultation today.

The coaching journey is about exploring “outside the lines” of life as it is now. It’s about inquiry and exercises to awaken insight and a better understanding of what holds us back from making the changes we want to make in our lives. The supportive partnership of a coach encourages accountability which is often where our resolve meets resistance. Even a brief coaching engagement can refresh your curiosity and ignite a glimmer of excitement as you release old assumptions and move forward into a creative new chapter of your life. Please visit Services for more information on coaching and Contact to schedule a consultation.

Is Coaching For You?

  • Career transition – Seeking the next level of growth within your current setting, or launching in a new direction.
  • Rebuilding life after loss – Losing familiar foundations of life, health, work and relationship turns us inside out. The world can feel unpredictable and frightening and we may wonder how to be among others whose lives continue on. Coaching can offer you a supportive presence and, gradually, at your pace, resources for exploration to discover who you are in this new chapter.
  • Recovering joy in a new chapter of life – If you feel stuck and unclear about options for creating positive change in your life, coaching can help you to uncover creativity and courage to experiment with new directions.
  • Feeling burned out but afraid to make a change. Giving 200% may be possible for a while, but it’s not sustainable, and exhaustion can lead to feelings of dread. It’s a challenge to unlearn the habits that feed this pattern, but it’s possible. First we explore the habits that keep us in the cycle, and then build a hopeful perspective and try on positive new behaviors that allow us to gradually live into a new and healthier life. Visit Services for additional information on coaching and Contact to schedule a consultation.